Zeleniak's Mobile Apps - Live Life!

Reading this short page can literally change your life forever! The apps at this point are on iOS with a Version of Pain Killer 2.0 on Android (called Pain Relief 2.0). The technology here is the latest in sound wave frequencies, called TBSW. They allow you to use your mobile device for pain relief, meditation and more.

Why get these Apps?

These apps are the "Real Deal". All of the apps here are of the highest quality, using the latest technology available. All apps are updated for the latest versions compatibility for your devices. TBSW waves are quickly replacing binaurals and isochronous waves for entrainment. The apps are highly effective. They will download quickly, even on 3G and they wont take up a lot of space on your device.

Where do you get the Apps?

The apps are available in the Apple App Store.

The Apps...

Pain Killer 2.0

Pain Killer 2.0

Pain Killer 2.0 is a 5 star app that stops pain of any kind in it's tracks. It does this by using special waves called TBSW (Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves). By simply placing headphones on your ears and running the app, your pain will melt away within minutes. It's completely safe and natural. It uses special frequencies and waveforms to do the job.

How does it work?

Pain Killer 2.0 uses a very special type of binaural beat methodology (TBSW) to release endorphins to naturally, safely STOP PAIN. You may be aware, that when a person has a trauma, they usually don't feel a thing - at least a few hours. This is caused from a flood of these natural endorphins released into your body. Certain special frequencies are ran through your headphones from Pain Killer 2.0 that safely make this happen, all under your control.

Why It Works So Well...

The waveforms in the latest version of Pain Killer 2.0 were created using a very high end program called TBSW Generator. It's used by doctors and alternative practitioners around the world.

It's been found that the two brain hemispheres may be in different states of alpha, beta, theta etc.. at the same time. TBSW (Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves) sync these states in both hemispheres, creating a much more effective binaural. This is a very powerful feature not found in ANY other programs!

Is it safe?

YES! 100% natural and safe. Binaurals have been around for many years and have been perfected. TBSW is the latest and most effective technology.

Use Pain Killer 2.0 for:

Pain Killer 2.0 also has additional settings for:

If you have pain of any kind - Pain Killer 2.0 will quickly become your favorite app.

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iRife Detox

iRife Detox

The all new iRife series turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a hand-held Rife Frequency Generator. Rife Frequencies came about from Dr. Royal Rife and his work with the effects of frequencies on humans and had a 100% success rate with various problems

Modern Rife systems are inclined to use audio. There are many reasons for this - one being safety. Recent discoveries have proven that audio is very effective when using Rife Frequencies. One fact that sound is 5 times more efficient in water than air. This is how whales communicate over such long distances. We humans are made up of mostly water. Now, this technology is used by doctors and universities around the globe.

iRife Detox is composed of presets to specifically handle detoxifying your body.

Presets Include:

To use iRife Detox, you need headphones (preferrably the big over the ear type) or speakers. Yes - you can run the frequencies while driving in your car as well.

Welcome to the future :-)

Get iRife Detox today and feel the power of Rife Frequencies.

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Chakra Pro

Chakra Pro

The ULTIMATE App for balancing, aligning, healing and cleansing Chakras. Chakra have been around since the beginning of recorded time. They are the essence of all that we are. When Chakra are out of balance, not only physical, but emotional and psychological problems take place in our lives. Chakra Pro is the best tool for bringing this alignment into check and getting the normal balance that we need for health, stability and happiness.

Chakra Pro uses TRUE Chakra Frequencies and tones based on very expensive Chakra Tuning Forks. The results are astounding. The special tones work on opening the body's meridians. The result is more energy and life balance through the stimulation of our natural electrical field.

With Chakra Pro You Can :

In addition, there are real nature background sounds to calm and relax, while aligning Chakra. These are also great for meditation. At the end of each session, Tibetan bell gongs sound three times for a perfect crescendo.

Chakra Pro is very easy to use and has built-in Help and Info so you can get started right away. Feel the power and effects of being in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Open your meridians and get natural energy back into your life.

There's nothing else like it! Get Chakra Pro today…

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Psychic Beats

Psychic BeatsPsychic Beats uses special Binaural Beats called TBSW to help enhance your psychic, ESP, psychokinetic and intuitive abilities. All you need to do is put your headphones on and run the app for a few minutes. Special waveforms and frequencies open up pathways in your mind that are associated with various psychic abilities. Tests using this app have been amazing.

One lady had lost her keys and couldn't find them for 3 weeks. She ran these frequencies and found them in a couple of minutes. The keys had fallen off of her desk down into the bottom of a drawer that she rarely opened.

The uses for Psychic Beats are only limited by your imagination. Use it for experiments in mind reading, telekinesis, gambling, intuitive games and more.

Psychic Beats Presets Include :

The Psychic Beats App is a new concept using Entrainment frequencies that has been working incredibly well for it's owners so far. One person has actually levitated a feather using the App. Very Cool!

Get Psychic Beats today and EXPAND your 5th dimensional powers.

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Astral Dreams

Astral Dreams

Astral Dreams is a very special App Binaural Beats technology (TBSW) for Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams, Sleep and two special induction sets using Shaman frequencies. Put on your ear buds or headphones, run the frequencies and you will feel the effects of this powerful program! Astral Dreams is specific to it's purpose of getting you off the ground and out of your normal levels of consciousness.

Astral Dreams uses the latest Binaural Beats technology - pure Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves (TBSW). These special waveforms are like binaural beats on steroids. They are optimized to cover both hemispheres of the brain, producing much stronger effects than standard binaural beats. There are also 3 frequency combinations + 1 instead of 2. This is a pyramid waveform.

Astral Dreams Presets Include :

Why different frequency sets? We, as individuals don't always respond to a single set of frequencies. Our vibrational rates and even electrical characteristics change throughout the day. With Astral Dreams you are more likely to find the frequencies that match YOU. In addition, there are background sounds. These are high quality and don't sound annoying (like someone rattling a piece of tin to sound like thunder).

Background Sounds Include :

Astral Dreams is highly effective and can save years of time in your 5th Dimension Experiments.

Get Astral Dreams today. You'll LOVE it!

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iFrequencies is a Pain Relief and Alternative Health System for your iPad that uses the latest Sound Therapy Technology. Combining several of the apps from this page into one self contained iPad App - It's almost like something out of Star Trek, but the age of this powerful technology has come.

iFrequencies has a complete Frequency Therapy engine that includes TBSW Waves combined with special Rife Frequencies that will give you a powerful experience. All you need to do, is put on your headphones and these amazing frequencies will do all of the work for you. You'll become physically, mentally and spiritually tuned in no time at all, by using iFrequencies.

iFrequencies :

iFrequencies has combined technologies from :

iFrequencies is an incredible on-of-a-kind App with amazing technology built into it that's available nowhere else on the planet! Use your iPad ans a complete Alternative Health Frequency Therapy system!

There's nothing else like it! Get iFrequencies today…

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Sleep System 2.0

Sleep System 2.0

For less than the cost of a single Ambien, you can sleep like a bear in hibernation. Sleep System 2.0 is a sleep induction App for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Version 2.3 adds a knock out TBSW sleep setting and a Wake Up setting as well - making Sleep System 2.0 a complete package.

The new "UR-Out" Preset is a little miracle in itself. It's a Dual TBSW created for making you sleep and pain relief at the same time. By the time I had finished testing this waveform and the app for submission I couldn't even feel my face and I was nodding off at the computer. I felt "out of this world" with this little gem. It's become a worldwide favorite for binaural lovers. The app has ALL 5 Star Revies as of September 2012.

Using the latest Binaural Beat technology, all of the insomniacs out there now have a perfect solution for getting into a DEEP dreamless or dream-state sleep. Also great for those experimenting with Lucid dreaming and Astral states!

Sleep System 2.0 is an entirely different type of solution than other binaural apps. MORE POWERFUL and more effective, it has been carefully designed for the most avid insomniacs. Using the same type of technology as our highly rated Pain Killer 2.0, this system is the finest available. TBSW is the latest and most advanced brainwave pattern modifier.

The background sounds are very unique and originally recorded. These are specific to city dwellers as well as urbanites. Some city dwellers find that the same old Forest and Stream sounds are annoying - City Dwellers are covered, with sounds from home that will help put you to sleep in conjunction with the awesome binaural beats.

EASY to use - no switching between window after window. A three column spinner does all of the interface work.

Get Sleep system 2.0 today and put an sleep fairy in your mobile device!

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Shaman Magic

Shaman Magic

There's no better, faster way to experience a Shamanic Journey than by using Shaman Magic. Shaman Magic is the ULTIMATE Shaman App - with REAL drum recordings using REAL Shaman theta frequencies from around the world.

All Shamanic Journeys begin with a trance state caused by specific theta frequency rhythms. CD's with Shamanic drums can be very expensive. Shaman Magic goes way beyond what you get from any Shaman CD.

These amazing drum / instrument patterns will get you into a deep Shamanic theta trance quickly! This is much more powerful than hypnosis and these specific types of trance rhythms go back thousands and thousands of years. The Shamans used these frequencies to enter trance states for Astral Projection, Healing, Remote Healing, Shape Shifting and other amazing Shamanic powers. It's all about the 5th dimension and this app is designed to take you there quickly!

You get Shamanic Rhythms from :

Unlike Shaman Drum CDs, you also get background sounds that you can mix in with the trance rhythms in any order you choose

Backgrounds Include :

Get Shaman Magic today…

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MediBeats Meditation Tones

MediBeats - TBSW for Extreme Meditation

MediBeats is the sister app and companion for Chakra Pro. Special tones and TBSW frequency sets are from the Ancient Tones in Life Frequencies Professional. These are geared towards meditation and the app has all of the bells and whistles that Chakra Pro has.

MediBeats has the Ancient Tones and special meditation settings for the most adamant of gurus.

One interesting aspect of Medibeats is that I've calculated the overall frequency of the entire human chakra system as a whole. The frequency is included in Medibeats and is really almost life changing. You have to try it to believe it.

MediBeats was made, because of so many user requests using the other TBSW apps and Chakra Pro.

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